Wednesday, March 27, 2013

From old and unloved to......

You may recall that I had posted about a set of chairs that I had found abandoned by the roadside which I wanted to re-upholster. Well, I have finally completed the job and I'd like to share with you some photos of the process.

I originally intended to keep the natural color of the wood but I fell in love with a gorgeous "eggshell" chalk paint that I knew would look fabulous with the damask material so I decided to paint the chairs, thus giving them a total make over.


Once the old upholstery was removed the wood was lightly sanded to provide a base for the paint

"eggshell" chalk paint and damask material

The foam seating and arm rests were replaced

The deep buttoning process is done by hand and each diamond shape is individually created to achieve the perfect alignment required.
The completed chair

Before and after

I am just completing the second chair and they will soon have pride of place at the entrance of our apartment.