A little bit about me

A little bit about me, Fiona’s Creations and life as an expat living in Athens……

Who Am I ?
Good question!
Let me introduce myself…..
Hi, I’m Fiona and I was born and brought up in London, England.
I came to Greece for a holiday and I was offered an office job (things were always so much easier back then!).
Granted my “job” was making tea and coffee and sending - wait for it - telexes!
Yes, I know I can hear a lot of murmuring in the background “what on earth are telexes?”
The telex was a 1986 version of the e-mail.
Anyway I must have made good coffee or I was a whiz on the telex machine because I got a promotion within 6 months! 
My intention was to stay in Greece for a year or so but I liked my job and I was enjoying the weather and I liked experiencing a new way of life so I stayed. Then four years on I met my wonderful husband Yannis and now thirty years later I’m still here!
We share our home in Athens (I just love this city) with our three beautiful dogs and a love bird.
 I have always loved arts and crafts having studied art and sculpture at college and I had taken up decoupage as a hobby a number of years ago in order to have an outlet for my  creative side and I fell in love right from the beginning.
Decoupage quickly became my passion and I would spend all my spare time creating!

Fiona's Craft Emporium was born however, when in 2010 after twenty years of working for a British publishing company in Athens (I had moved on from my first job), I was told that the Athens office would be closed and I would be left without a job. Instead of letting this get me down I decided to turn my beloved hobby into my own business and open a little crafts supply shop.

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