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Dear Découpeurs and Friends,

On the occasion of the 1st European Convention of our Guild (www.decoupage.org) and on behalf of the Organizational Committee, we cordially invite you to attend our Convention, which will be held in Athens, Greece from May 20th until May 24th, 2015.

Our Convention will be held at the beautiful Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens which offers spectacular views of the Acropolis in comfortable and elegant surroundings.

Our Guild’s Annual Conventions have been taking place since 1973 and became an established meeting point for all découpeurs worldwide. The 1st European 2015 Convention will not only follow the tradition of previous conventions, it will also explore new techniques and materials.

There will be a rich and varied program of demonstrations and workshops which will be given by the gifted teachers from our Guild and by our valued demonstrators Elevation, Repoussé, and on Fabric are just some of the workshops.

There will also be an exhibition of artworks by the talented members of our Guild which will be open to the general public.
The ancient city of Athens makes for a unique place for découpeurs to meet and share knowledge and ideas!

Best Regards,
Caterina Koukoulitsa Chair
Fiona Varis Co-chair

1st European Convention: Traditional Decoupage in the 21st Century

20-24 May 2015

Athens, Greece

Royal Olympic Hotel


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