Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy, Crafty New Year!

When I took the plunge to start my own blog I was well aware that I would need to keep my blog up to date with regular posts etc and I'm painfully aware that my last blog post was over a month ago and I do apologise for this.

Sadly, my mother passed away suddenly before Christmas and although I had made arrangements to spend the holidays with her in London, I had to fly out a lot earlier than planned and of course stay much longer as there was just so much to do.

I do so regret allowing two years to go by since my last visit home and that I was not able to spend a final Christmas with her. I miss her so much.

However, I am now back home in Athens and looking forward to making a go of my blog......

While I was in London I stocked up on all those wonderful British magazines such as Period Living, Country Living, Period Homes & Interiors and more besides and using these magazines as inspiration, I have decided to finally make a start on my increasingly lengthy "to do" list for my recently renovated home!

Top of this list are two gorgeous armchairs which my husband and I rescued a few years ago from the roadside where they had been thrown away. They were accompanied by a matching settee and to this day I regret not saving the settee too! At the time though I didn't have my studio and I had    nowhere to store it, so we left it!

The chairs are in quite good condition. The seats are sagging though, so after I strip off all the old velvet I will need to ask my long suffering husband (he enjoys it really) to repair the seats. Also the foam in the padded arm rests is rotten so we will need to replace the foam.

I'm going to keep the natural colour of the wood and I bought a gorgeous, silky, damask material in a light gold/green to re-upholster them. I'm really looking forward to doing the deep buttoning on the backs of the chairs. I'm quite practiced in this now since I taught myself how to deep button using videos that I downloaded from the web. Deep buttoning is a service that I actually offer on my website Fiona's Creations.

I'm planning to make a start on stripping off the old velvet tomorrow as my husband will have two days off next week and I want to ask him nicely, to devote part of his free time to repairing the seats!

I'll be posting pictures of the project as it evolves. These chairs are destined to be placed in the entrance of our apartment with a set of two antique gilded wooden tables between them. I know that they are going to look fantastic!