Monday, March 23, 2015

Vintage Metal Steamer Trunk Makeover

I've always wanted one of those lovely, old, vintage metal steamer trunks and I had recently decided to try to find one from the local junk shops here in Athens. So, imagine my surprise when taking my dogs for their afternoon walk, I came across a fabulous old trunk dumped next to the rubbish bin near my house.

As you can guess, the dogs were taken back to my garden so that I could run to rescue the trunk before some other like minded person came by and grabbed it before me!!

Despite it being very rusty, it was in surprisingly good condition having all it's hinges intact and not really banged up.

Unfortunately, as usual I was a bit remiss about taking good "before" pictures and I had already painted the lid with the first coat and I had stripped off all the smelly, rotten, paper lining before I grabbed my camera to take a "before" shot, but at least you can see how rusty the case was.....

I decided to use chalk paint to paint the trunk as chalk paint goes on really well over rust. I didn't prepare the case at all, other than sandpapering the rust to make it smoother. I washed the trunk well to remove the dust and any loose rust and then I painted on two coats of a lovely turquoise chalk paint.

Once the second coat was dry I applied some furniture wax to the areas where I wanted to distress the top coat.

I used a vintage green top coat which complimented beautifully the turquoise under coat.

I painted and distressed all the clasps and even the handles

The interior of the trunk is wood and I didn't want to hide the wood by lining the trunk again. Instead I preferred to stain the wood a lovely walnut which really goes well with the distressed vintage green of the exterior.

I'm thrilled with the way the trunk turned out and it now has pride of place in my dining room and it stores all of our photo albums.

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