Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Easter candles (lambades)

Today I finished the Easter candles (lambades) that I made for my two beautiful goddaughters, Lydia and Sofia - aren't they pretty?

I decoupaged small wooden hearts with a napkin and decorated the hearts with the first letter of each girls name using clay. I then decoupaged the letters with a contrasting napkin. I also decoupaged the pale pink candles using the same napkin that I used for the hearts, added lots of string and a butterfly to complete the decoration.

The Greek Orthodox Easter is on Sunday and I made these candles so that the girls can light them on Holy Saturday evening at the Resurrection mass. One hour before midnight everybody goes to  church, each carrying an unlit candle. Later during the mass, all the church lights will be turned off and then the priest will exit the altar with a candle lit by the Holy Light.

The Holy Light is distributed by the priest to everybody present so that they can light their candles and a few minutes before midnight everybody exits the church. Exactly at midnight, the priest announces the resurrection of Christ. That is the moment that fireworks go off and families and relatives kiss each other and wish each other "Hronia Polla".


Happy Easter to everyone who will be celebrating Easter on Sunday!